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Direct Victims of a Crime

You have suffered a crime and are looking for information. You are now in the section of the website which is intended to answer your questions as a victim of a crime. You can use the following menu items for continuing your search:

Your rights

This menu item includes explanations on criminal proceedings, on reporting a criminal offence, on your rights and obligations as well as on communication, protection and assistance possibilities.

You need protection

This menu item includes explanations on and links to institutions which can accompany you in your everyday life as well as on protection against threats or retaliation and on safe accommodation.

You need assistance and advice

This menu item includes explanations on the possible consequences of a crime and notes on

You are looking for information about various crimes

Special explanations and tips are useful in case of some crimes or groups of crimes. This menu item includes explanations on

You are looking for information for various groups

Some people who have suffered a crime need special or further information for personal reasons. Under this menu item, you can find information if you have suffered a crime and belong to the following groups:

You are looking for points of contact and support facilities

This menu item includes a list and a map of Lower Saxony. Here, you can enter a postal code, a crime or a specific term, or search for institutions which provide advice, support and protection, and print out the information you need. You can find public and private institutions, police stations and other public agencies. If you see that the information about institutions must be updated, please use our contact form to get in touch with us.

You want to prevent crimes

This menu item includes notes and tips explaining what you could do to prevent crimes.


This menu item includes:

  • A list of definitions which will also pop up when you read the texts on this website, and
  • A list of downloads some of which are also mentioned in the texts.