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You were beaten or injured in any other way

If you were beaten or injured in any other way, you have suffered a bodily injury.
This may have happened in different situations and may therefore lead to different needs for support:

Bodily injury in public (in the street, in public or private buildings, during events)

Bodily injury is not restricted to the private area. During public events (celebrations, parties etc.) or in public spaces it may come to blows or to a deliberate attack.

In such cases, the police are often called by by-standers. They intervene and initiate legal proceedings.

If, for example, you were injured in a discotheque without others noticing the fact, you should report this to the police as quickly as possible and have your injuries documented as evidence.

Bodily injury by your partner

Also in the domestic area, in the relationship with the partner, acts of violence - like beating, kicking, choking or shoving - happen time and again.

If you were injured by your partner, this bodily injury is just as criminal as the bodily injury by a foreigner. Unlike victims injured by foreigners, however, victims injured by their partners frequently feel guilty and do not dare to talk about the crime, to seek advice or treatment or to file a criminal charge.

In most cases of bodily injuries by the partner, there is a problem which must be solved in order to prevent further injuries. Experience has shown that, without outside intervention, there is a high probability of new injuries. In order to reduce this risk, you should file a charge. For additional information, refer to the menu item You have suffered violence from your partner (domestic violence).

Bodily and mental injuries

Bodily injuries may not only lead to open, sometimes bleeding wounds, bruises or internal injuries (physical injuries).

In most cases, suffering of violence will also lead to mental injuries. These become apparent in particular in form of fears, faintness, troubled sleep or even posttraumatic stress disorders.

In case of bodily injuries you should normally go to the physician and have the injury examined and treated so that the injury can heal and is documented for possible judicial proceedings, which may be initiated at a later date. (Netzwerk ProBeweis)

The same applies to mental injuries where you can achieve relieve or improvement by counselling, accompaniment or therapeutic measures.

Reporting a crime to the police

Bodily injuries are serious offences which must always be prosecuted by the police and the public prosecution office as soon as they are reported. You should always make a report if you have suffered a bodily injury.