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You have suffered violence from your partner (domestic violence)


Violence in partner relationships

In the domestic area and in the relationship with the partner, acts of violence - like beating, kicking, choking or shoving - will be threatened with or committed time and again. This affects men and, to a greater extent, women. Scientific studies have shown that every fourth woman has been a victim of violence in a partner relationship in the course of her life. If you were injured by your partner, this bodily injury is a punishable act just as bodily injury by a foreigner.

Unlike victims injured by foreigners, however, victims injured by their partners frequently feel guilty and do not dare to talk about the crime, to seek advice or treatment or to file a criminal charge.

For you as victim, it may thus be extremely difficult to free yourself from the cycle of violence. Experience has shown that, without outside intervention, there is a high probability of new injuries. Therefore, it is important and useful to seek counselling, accompaniment and assistance.

In addition to general victim support institutions and police stations, the List of Support Facilities includes specialized institutions which can provide advice and support, under the keyword "domestic violence". For additional information and institutions, refer to the homepage of the Ministry for Social Affairs, Health and Equal Opportunities of Lower Saxony (Niedersächsischen Ministeriums für Soziales, Gesundheit und Gleichstellung).



If you are in an acute threat situation, contact the police under emergency call 110.


Domestic violence and children

Precisely for this reason, it is important that you seek assistance. This is particularly necessary when children are living with you or your partner. Children already suffer considerably if they witness violence between their parents or the partners of their parents.

Growing up in an environment of violence may not only lead to acute strains and problems, but may also affect the entire future life of children.

In some regions, there are special offers of aid for children. You will find these offers also in the List of Support Facilities.