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You were discriminated against:

You were or are insulted, attacked or discriminated against because of your colour, your religion, your nationality, your origin, your sexual identity, your political conviction or other personal characteristics

Discrimination and racism manifest themselves in many ways. They range from a contemptuous glance to insults, threats and violent - sometimes even fatal - assaults. The accused are looking for many targets and many victims: Everything that is "somehow different", does not "fit in" or "is not normal". The appearance, from your colour to your clothes, as well as your origin, language, religion, world view, sexual orientation - there is almost nothing that is not used by discrimination and racism as a pretext or even as a supposedly justified reason.

Discriminations of that type are not only insulting and hurtful. They also lead to intense fear. It is important that you as a person aggrieved by discrimination and racism entrust yourself to other people. You can seek advice, protection and assistance from the points of contact indicated in the List of Support Facilities. You can find specialised institutions for discrimination and racism under the keyword hate crime.

You should always call in the police because there is a great danger to you and your environment. You will find police stations in your vicinity in the List of Support Facilities under the keyword police.

Points of contact