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You need assistance and advice

You are a victim of a crime. This can not only severely affect your feeling of safety and lead to fears. Many aspects of your everyday life may be affected by the consequences of the crime and by your fears. You must cope with the consequences in your economic and emotional life, file applications and obtain information. For this purpose, several possibilities of support are available:

Support and advice in everyday life

This menu item includes indications in connection with the consequences of a crime and indications to general and special possibilities of obtaining advice.

Providing support for issues of mobility

Here, you will find indications to the provision of support if you, for personal reasons, have problems with going to facilities and agencies.

Therapeutic assistance

The crime you have suffered may have led to considerable psychological impairments. Here you can find information on institutions providing short-term and long-term therapeutic assistance.

Support in case of special need

Here you can find specific information if you need long-term support and qualified assistance due to your personal situation or because of the consequences of the crime.

Legal advice

A great variety of legal questions will arise, regardless of whether or not criminal proceedings are initiated after the crime. Here you can find notes and explanations as to how and where you can obtain legal assistance.

Support and advice for relatives and friends

If you experience a crime, probably not only you as the aggrieved person are scared and shocked. Your relatives and friends also see your shock and have their own fears and questions. This menu item contains advice for these relatives and friends.

Preservation of evidence of a crime of violence

If you do not want to file a charge and initiate criminal proceedings immediately after the crime, but perhaps at a later date, refer to this menu item, which explains how the required evidence can be preserved afterwards.

Direct financial aid

If you have experienced a crime, this may lead to financial distress. This menu item includes advice concerning possible financial aids.

Reparation of the consequences of a crime

As an aggrieved person who has suffered a crime, you normally are entitled to receive reparation of the consequences of the crime from the perpetrator. This menu item includes explanations and notes on the possible enforcement of your entitlement.