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Emergency Telephone Numbers


Telephone number


110 (free of charge)


112 (free of charge)

Medical On -Call Duty

116 117 (free of charge)

Telephone Helpline (Protestant)
Telephone Helpline (Catholic)

0800 1110111 (free of charge)
0800 1110222 (free of charge)

„Nummer gegen Kummer“ Children and Youth Telephone Helpline

0800 1110333 (free of charge)
(limited office hours)

"Nummer gegen Kummer" Parent Telephone Helpline

0800 1110550 (free of charge)
(limited office hours)

Lawyer Telephone Helpline (nationwide)

01805 246373 (subject to charge)

Nationwide Telephone Helpline "Gewalt gegen Frauen“ (Violence against Women)

0800 0116016 (free of charge)

Help Portal "Sexueller Missbrauch" (Sexual Abuse) Telephone Point of Contact

0800-22 55 530 (free of charge & anonymous)

Lower Saxony's Crisis Telephone Line against Forced Marriage

0800 0667888 (free of charge)

Telephone Helpline "Schwangere in Not" (Pregnant Women in Distress)

0800 40 40 020 (free of charge)