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Protecting and supporting people who have become victims of crime is an important task for society as a whole. Therefore the protection of victims and victim assistance are key issues of politics, which in Lower Saxony are considered as interministerial tasks and dealt with by several ministries.

In order to further strengthen the rights of the victims and to promote their protection, the Ministry for Internal Affairs and Sport of Lower Saxony, the Ministry of Education of Lower Saxony, the Ministry for Social Affairs, Health and Equal Opportunities of Lower Saxony and the Ministry for Justice of Lower Saxony have jointly developed of the victim protection concept of the Lower Saxony State Government. The Ministry for Justice of Lower Saxony is responsible for its implementation. For this purpose, a specialist unit for victim protection (Fachstelle Opferschutz - FOS) was established in the State Crime Prevention Council of Lower Saxony (Landespräventionsrat - LPR), which is subordinate to the Ministry for Justice of Lower Saxony.

The specialist unit for victim protection is intended to ensure "access to justice" for all victims of crimes and their relatives and to indicate possibilities for compensating for the injuries suffered as a result of a crime. However, this requires that victims of crimes can easily and rapidly inform themselves about the most important questions. This is the primary purpose of this website.

Since a crime will in most cases also affect people associated with the victim, this website includes not only a section for the direct victims of a crime, but also a separate section for relatives, neighbours, friends, colleagues and acquaintances of the victim.

Specialists from a great variety of professions offer help and support to the victims of crimes. For these specialists, this website provides an additional section including further information from practical experience, science and research.

I very much hope that you as a visitor of this website will find first answers to your questions, but also possibilities for obtaining further information and assistance.

If you want to communicate any questions, amendments or suggestions, you are cordially invited to use the contact form on this website.

Please also draw the attention of other people to this offer.


With kind regards
Mahban Baghizadeh-Heere

Leiterin der Fachstelle Opferschutz im Landespräventionsrat im Niedersächsischen Justizministerium
(Head of the Specialist Unit for Victim Protection (FOS) of the State Crime Prevention Council of Lower Saxony (LPR) in the Ministry for Justice of Lower Saxony)
Siebstr. 4
30171 Hannover

Telefon: 0511/120 - 8706
Telefax: 0511/120 - 99 - 8706