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You are a victim of theft

If you are a victim of theft, it is important to inform the police of this crime in order to enable them to take the necessary measures and, possibly, to return your property to you. For this purpose, it is necessary that you make a report. You may do this online at https://www.onlinewache.polizei.niedersachsen.de or personally in every police station.

In order to register the report, the police will need some documents. If you make your report personally, please bring along your personal identity card and proof of ownership (sales contracts), a bicycle logbook or a list of the individual numbers of the stolen items. Details of the possible sequence of events and of the time of the crime are also important.

The police will give you an acknowledgment of your report of a theft. You should forward this acknowledgment immediately to your insurance company in order to maintain your claims for compensation from the insurance company.

Notes regarding the theft of your EC or credit card:

You should block a stolen credit card immediately. For this purpose, contact the following central telephone numbers at any time by day or night:

EC Cards: Telephone: 01805 021021
MasterCard (only Germany): 0800 - 819 1040;
international (reverse-charge call): +1 - 636 7227 111
VISA Card (only Germany): 0800 - 811 8440;
international (reverse-charge call): + 1 410 581 9994
American Express: Telephone: 069 97971000
Diners Club: Telephone: 069 66166123 or 01805 336696 - 24 h telephone number (0.12€/Min.)

From abroad:+49 followed by the respective telephone number without the "0" of the local area code.

You need your account number in order to block Eurocheque cards or bank account cards. The easiest way to block credit cards is by indicating the credit card number. If this is not available, it is in most cases sufficient to indicate your name, date of birth, address and the name of your bank. In some cases, cards can be blocked only temporarily. If savings books or investment documents have been lost, please report this immediately to your financial institution.

Notes regarding the theft of your mobile phone:
Have your stolen mobile phone blocked immediately - above all if it was switched on. For this purpose, call the hotline of your service provider with whom you have concluded the contract for your phone card. In addition to your mobile phone number, you should also have your card number and your password or keyword available. You can arrange for the blocking of your phone also in written form, e.g. by using a fax.

T-D1: Telephone: 01803 302202; international service number:+49 1803 302202 (subject to charge)

D2 Vodafone: Telephone: 0800 1721212; international service number: +49 172 1212 (subject to charge)

E-Plus: Telephone: 0177 1000; international service number: +49 177 1000 (subject to charge)

O2: Telephone: 01805 624357 (0.0533 € for15 sec.), costs for blocking the SIM card: 12.50 €; international service number: +49 179 55222 (subject to charge)

Are you sure that you have been the victim of a theft? In this case, you should immediately make a report. In order to search for your phone, the police needs the 15-digit serial number (IMEI number) of your mobile phone. You can determine this number by entering the key combination *#06#. Record this number in your documents.

What are the next steps?

Die Bearbeitung Ihrer Strafanzeige erfolgt bei Ihrer örtlich zuständigen Polizeidienststelle und der zuständigen Staatsanwaltschaft. Es kann sein, dass sich bei der Bearbeitung weitere Rückfragen ergeben und Sie deshalb nochmals schriftlich befragt oder zu einer Zeugenvernehmung vorgeladen werden.


If you have been victim of a theft, you may also contact the facilities listed in the List of Support Facilities. If you face an acute financial emergency situation due to the theft, additional support possibilities are indicated here.