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Victims with an immigrant background

As an aggrieved person who was a victim of a crime, you are entitled to information, counselling, support, protection and compensation independent of your nationality, origin, citizenship, religion, culture, your political conviction or your gender. The respective details are described in the menu items of this section.

If you cannot understand or assert your rights due to insufficient knowledge of the German language, refer to the tips under the menu item Victims with a limited knowledge of the German language.

However, it is also possible that your ability to establish contact with authorities and support facilities is restricted due to your personal situation. In this case, it may be helpful to discuss the question as to how and where you can obtain additional assistance with trusted people in your immediate environment. You may also look for suitable advice centres in the List of Support Facilities and establish contact per e-mail.

As an aggrieved person who was a victim of a crime, you can also contact these advice centres:.

  • SUANA, counselling centre for female migrants affected by domestic violence, counselling languages: German, Persian, Russian, Polish, English, French, Arabic, Kurdish, Vietnamese, Turkish
  • Lower Saxony's Crisis Telephone Line against Forced Marriage, languages: German and Turkish.
    If required, also Persian, Arabic and Kirmanci (Kurdish)
  • Männerbüro Hannover e.V., languages: German, English, Spanish
  • Office for coordination and consultation for female victims of human trafficking (Zentrale Koordinierungs- und Beratungsstelle für Opfer von Menschenhandel - KOBRA), languages: German, Polish, Russian, Spanish, English, Bulgarian; additional languages will be provided by female interpreters.