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Elderly persons

As a senior citizen who has experienced a crime you may have different questions, but also different problems with the consequences of your experience. In many questions and problematic situations, support facilities, police stations as well as support centres for senior citizens and care support centres (Senioren- und Pflegestützpunkt - SPN) or service offices for senior citizens in your vicinity can provide assistance. You can find facilities, police stations and service offices for senior citizens in your vicinity by going to the List of Support Facilities and entering your postal code as well as the keyword "Ältere Menschen" (Elderly Persons), "Senioren- und Pflegestützpunkt" (Support Centre for Senior Citizens and Care Support Centre) or "Seniorenservicebüro" (Service Office for Senior Citizens). If you don't enter a keyword, all support facilities in your vicinity will be displayed. You can also ask these agencies for a home visit if you are not able to go there. In order to find police stations in your vicinity, select "ja" (yes) under "m. Polizeidienststellen" (with police stations), enter your postal code and select "Umkreis anzeigen" (Indicate region).

If you have financial problems, the menu item Direct financial aid lists organisations where you can seek assistance. Of course, you can also go to the social welfare offices.

If you need advice, accompaniment and assistance for coping with your everyday life after having experienced a crime, refer to the organisations indicated in the List of Support Facilities.

You will find therapeutic support in your vicinity under the menu item Therapeutic Assistance.

For information, suggestions and notes on internet security in your everyday dealings with internet, smartphone, mail and other electronic innovations, refer to Silver Tipps - Sicher online! (Silver Tips - Secure online!).