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Children and adolescents

You can get help!

Sometimes adults or older children or adolescents harass, beat, mistreat or abuse boys or girls by means of words, glances or bodily contact. If you have experienced such a thing, it feels good to confide this to somebody! Even if they forbade you to talk about this - you may get help at any time!

You are entitled to protection and support!

Try to talk to a person in whom you trust. If you want to, you may also go to an advice centre or get advice and support over the telephone or online without having to disclose your name. The following links will lead you to websites where you can gather information and to special advice centres in Lower Saxony where they will listen to you and help you:

A leaflet of the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection describes your rights in the criminal proceedings in in an easily comprehensible way. You will find it here.

Help and support in advice centres in Lower Saxony

In the advice centres you will find support and information as to where and how you can get help. Some advice centres focus in particular on girls; there you will encounter mostly women. Only very few advice centres focus on boys. But most of them advise and support boys and girls. You can take along a friend, your parents or another person whom you trust. However, you can also go there alone. The consultation is always free of charge and confidential.
If you are a victim of cybermobbing or rip-off over the internet, you will find help and advice on the Website juuuport

Außerdem gibt es Beratungsstellen für Mädchen und Jungen und ihre Eltern

These facilities offer help and advice to children and adolescents who have experienced sexual abuse as well as to their parents. Special advice centres for girls are listed as well as contact addresses of girls' shelters and advice centres for the problem area "sexualised violence against girls".

In the List of Support Facilities you can look for facilities in your vicinity.

Points of contact