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Protection against threats, injuries or retaliation

You feel threatened by one or several persons and you fear for your health, your property or even your life. This may have different reasons:

Someone wants to force you to show a certain behaviour and threatens to attack you or persons close to you.

As witness or as an aggrieved person, you have reported a crime to the police or the public prosecution office, and now the accused threatens you or asks you to withdraw your charge.

If you are threatened at this very moment, it is important to contact the police immediately. You can use the emergency call 110 for this purpose. The police will discuss further steps for your safety with you. They can indicate possibilities for a safe accommodation and take you there. Accommodation possibilities of this type include women's shelters or children's shelters. You will find women's shelters in the List of Support Facilities. For your further actions, the police will establish contact to advice centres and support facilities.

If the threat is not acute, you may also establish contact to advice centres independently. You will find advice centres and police stations in your vicinity in the List of Points of Contact.

In case of an acute threat, you should always speak with a confidant or contact the police (emergency call 110).